Becoming a Member

Holston Electric Cooperative is a member-owned electric utility system that provides electric service to its members. Anyone desiring service is required to become a member of the cooperative. To apply for service, please print out and complete the application for service.  You may return the application and a copy of your driver’s license to Holston Electric Cooperative by fax (423) 272-8447 or by mail at P.O. Box 190, Rogersville, TN  37857.  Upon receipt of your application and drivers license copy a customer service representative will contact you by phone during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 pm EST) of the work days (Monday – Friday) to complete the application process.

Initial Fees

Membership – A five-dollar ($5.00) membership fee is required of every member.  This fee is returned to the customer when all service accounts are closed.

Deposit – The residential deposit amount is based on your credit history and is supplied by Online Utility Exchange.  Applications returned with a green light are not required to make a deposit.  Those with a yellow light are required to make a $250 deposit; and those with a red light are required to make a $400 deposit or two times the average bill.  Those customers who refuse to allow the credit check must make a $500 deposit.  The deposit for fences, pumps, barns, etc. is $50. 

Meter Set Charge – The initial connection fee or meter set charge is $25.